Happy Clients

 …vast knowledge and expertise regarding e-commerce systems and online marketing.! -Greg Singerbrand, COO, BORBA 

Paul Rothstein, CEO
Paul Rothstein, CEO PCR Marketing

McKenna’s Marketing truly understands the nature of Direct Response Marketing. I was overwhelmed by the level of expertise, but more importantly the results that were delivered. In a very short time McKenna’s delivered results that far surpassed what my campaigns had achieved previously with other web partners. When it came time to build a site for my company,  there was no question that Susan and her team were the right choice. Mckenna’s Marketing delivered my site on time, on budget and most importantly was able to create my vision in the digital realm. In addition she provided me with all the tools I need to modify my sire at any time! I highly recommend and will hire McKenna’s again! (See the website)

Scott Swanson
Scott Swanson XSell Response
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Susan McKenna and the McKenna’s Marketing team for almost three years now. I’ve found she and her firm extremely professional and knowledgeable about all ranges of online marketing and social media topics and use Susan often as a personal consultant. The online campaigns I’ve worked on with her have been on budget, on goal and extremely profitable. I give McKenna’s Marketing my highest endorsement!

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Pathbrite
McKenna’s Marketing is always strategic in approach and practical in tactics. They achieve real, measurable results and always move the needle in appreciable and positive directions. Susan McKenna  is a remarkable marketing professional and a true entrepreneur at heart. If you were to look up “can-do” in the dictionary, her picture would be next to the definition.  I hope we’ll work together again one day.
A great Choice for Anything Internet! - Charlie Fusco, CEO, Synergixx

Tony Pinto, Former VP Content Development
Tony Pinto, Former VP Content Development Loan Toolbox
McKenna’s Marketing’s creativity and experience knows no end, especially in start-up environments with ambitious entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Susan McKenna is a driver. She can instantly assess a marketing campaign’s short comings and figure out the best way to improve it. She and her team are an asset to any organization she works with.
Dan Klein, Sr. Vice President
Dan Klein, Sr. Vice President SABA
McKenna’s Marketing built us a cutting-edge look and strategic market position in a very crowded marketplace; and at a fraction of what we would have paid an ad agency or design firm. McKenna’s is a great choice for corporate identity and go-to-market strategic planning.

Shawn Zahedi
Shawn Zahedi Consultant
The McKenna’s Marketing team is a group of very smart and energetic marketers who take ownership and who make things happen. They share a collective passion for the digital space and integrate digital and traditional media with ease. Susan McKenna’s depth of knowledge of everything “marketing” is complemented by her breadth of knowledge of all the other things that make one a powerful entrepreneur.

 McKenna’s Marketing delivered my site on time, on budget and was able to create my vision in the digital realm. I highly recommend … will hire again! - Paul Rothstein, CEO, PCR Marketing


Ron Posner, Venture Capitalist
Ron Posner, Venture Capitalist SP Capital
Susan McKenna is a dedicated, serial entrepreneur with vision and insight for building strong digital media companies. Having watched her professional growth now for over a decade, I am constantly impressed with her business knowledge, marketing creativity and ability to manage numerous companies at the same time. Her current work on social media applications is very interesting with high potential returns.
Greg Sinderbrand, Sr. Vice President
Greg Sinderbrand, Sr. Vice President Pharmavite
McKenna’s Marketing helped Borba energize our Web commerce division for our luxury skincare line. Their vast knowledge and expertise regarding e-commerce systems and online marketing, helped the Company become a formidable online brand that is recognized as a leader in the industry.
Brian Callahan, President
Brian Callahan, President Markwood Capital
Susan McKenna is the quintessential marketing genius…..she matches core business acumen with amazing creativity. She is an expert on timely marketing tools that deliver compelling results. It is a pleasure to introduce Susan and her team at McKenna’s Marketing to my clients, and watch her perform alchemy!